Terms and Conditions

  • Cycletec rents to renter who hires from Cycletec Adventure Centre CC the bicycle on the terms and conditions of the agreement
  • The renter shall take delivery of the bicycle at the renting location. The parties shall inspect the bicycle together and unless the renter has made any indication in writing on the rental form of any shortcoming, the bicyle shall be deemed to have been delivered in good order.
  • The bicycle shall be returned to Cycletec Adventure Centre CC in the same condition as received, fair wear and tear expected.
  • The rental charge payable by the renter for the use of the trailer shall be the rental calculated for the whole of the rental period at the rates and on the basis specified and agreed with the renter.
  • The renter shall pay a cash deposit of N$ 500-00, refundable upon return of the bicycle in good order.
  • All charges payable by the renter shall be payable in cash on presentation of an account.
  • The bicycle shall be at the sole risk of the renter throughout the rental period.
  • The renter shall be liable for any loss of or damage to the bicycle during the rental period.
  • Where applicable, the renter shall pay Cycletec Adventure Centre CC the cost of repairs to the bicycle or any part of it has been stolen or damaged beyond economic repair, the fair market value thereof before the damaged occurred.

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I, the undersigned [herein described as (the RENTER) agree to rent from (the LESSOR) the bicycle for the period set out herein. I have read the terms and conditions set out herein and I agree that the said terms, conditions and particulars set out herein constitute a binding agreement between myself and the owner.